Friday, February 13, 2009

Letter for Melissa

I wrote this in a journal I made for my sweet sister in February last year-before I began blogging, but thought it would be fun to share with you. Maybe it will spur me on to write more again-Sorry It has been too long. I miss hearing from you and reading your blogs! I hope this makes you laugh:)

This book (blog) is for dreaming, scheming, and beaming. This book is for hoping, groping, and sometimes for moping. Please doodle, and noodle or even caboodle in it. Make wishes, do the dishes (please don't be vicious). Have fun, say you won, or have come undone. Cry some tears, talk about past years, or even yer' peers. Make waves, share your faves, or even just rant and rave. Have lots of hope, tell about your soap, or if you elope! Draw a scribble, maybe dribble, or tell a fib-ble. Give thanksgiving, tell about how you make a living, tell about what you're giving (you always have some gift you share!) Write every few days, it probably won't pay, but it will make you feel good anyway. This book (blog) is for you, so whatever you do-do what YOU want to!

PS. Draw your rainbows, kiss some beaus, just not to many bozos though!

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