Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Treasure of Seasons

This could be a very spiritual blog if I weren't so imperfect! I would like to write to you from my very logical self about why I chose this name for the blog, etc. etc. But truthfully, I haven't felt that chosen, precious, or treasured. The good thing is, my God tells me that I am. WOW!

Lately, I have been wondering if I am going through a mid-life crisis and I am only 35!!! After staying home to care for my son who's now two years old, and spending a year caring for 2 other lil' guys in my home very close to his age...I really have to think about going back to work next year. (I don't wanna.)

I have been teaching for 6 years. I really enjoyed it, until I realized how much energy it takes. Gosh, it is very draining. Yes, I know it is also rewarding, but not like witnessing all the firsts of your firstborn!

I am an artist at heart and miss the opportunities to use those skills. I often wonder if I ever will use them again like I have in the past. I am sad about it, but feel to exhausted to even try!

Back to the chosen, precious, treasured person I want to feel like...God has reminded me again that I am all these things to Him, and I will do things I love again. BUT, maybe not right now.

Life is made up of seasons. I've been reading this sweet book to my son about "Arnold's Apple Tree" by Gail Gibbons. He wants to hear it like 3 times a night right now. Anyhow, Arnold is very busy with his tree in every season. I guess God feels like that with us. When, I feel down, He reminds me that He loves me. When I wonder why he loves me, he reminds me that I am chosen. When I wonder about why he chose me, He reminds me that I am precious! (I get overwhelmed by His love!) When I bashfully kick my toe ( and say "awww shucks, I ain't that special!") He reminds me that I am treasured in His eyes and kingdom. I know He wants me to live in the here and now-for such a time as this...sometimes it is just hard. I am learning though. I hope to grow in this season for His utter, joyful glory!


  1. I Love the quote from that book! I'm going to write that out and put it somewhere it's so good.
    I love reading anything you write, you're so good at it. Keep writing!!

  2. Hi, Thanks for being a great friend and fan of my heart:) I din't actually quote the book though-guess it was just me;)

  3. I didn't know even know you had a blog-loved the New Year's Res. one-keep writing my dear friend!

  4. Jenn ~ thanks for sharing. It's such a good and important reminder to us all. Miss you friend!