Friday, May 29, 2009

Hip, Hip, Hooray Song!

I just have to share this cuteness with you. Last Saturday after my Sugarshine awoke from a good nap, he let loose a toot in my arms. To this, his daddy said "Was that a tiger in your butt?" Sugarshine gave the reply of "No." Then (I) mommy asked "Was it a lion?" "No...It was a hip, hip, hooray song!" He told us! We both started cracking up of course and couldn't keep this hilarity to ourselves. So, next time you let out a little hot air-just remember to celebrate; it's just your hip, hip, hooray song!


  1. Super cute pic!! He's such an adorable little boy...but what's he doing with the finger up to his nose?!!!

  2. That's why I thought it went so well with this blurb! LOL!