Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to School: Learning

I am not sure how long I will be "back." I'm not sure how much I can "do." I do know that Jesus Christ can do all things through me~if I am living by faith and letting Him love through me.
Guess I could stop there, but here goes...I am in the "tween" part of going back to work~waiting to hear from schools/ principals to see if they may need a teacher for this school year. I knew I would have to "wait" until the last minute because of the economy and so many teachers fired/ looking for jobs.
Enough said, huh. Well, I am also considering taking online courses to become a media specialist/ instructional tech (fancy words for your child's school librarian). This is the first time I have actually been excited about the possibility of going "back to school" in a long time! I felt so tired of school after 7 years ( I really took my time~and decided to teach elementary rather than preschool aged kids!) So, now that I want to go back, I am again being asked to wait.
I also need to find a childcare that I feel is perfect for my only son! (Yeah right!) That could be a whole other post, I think. Anyhow, I have looked at about 5-6 over the summer, and I am yet to be awed by any of them. Bummer! I have found a few I like, but I was just hoping to walk in and think to myself (Oh, this is the place!) and that has not happened yet.
Well, the school year in Georgia will begin in 2 days for kids, so I am either a hopeless optimist or just hopeless! Pray for me-I would love to pray for you too! Please leave your request in comments or email me:)

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