Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jenn's Writings from ~1997

I want to share some of these things I wrote as I processed parts of my life many years ago. This will be a series of poems, and sort of allegorical journal entries from around 1997ish, when I was 24! I hope they bring you some healing words of comfort. (I may even throw in some newbies, since I am finding room to heal from some old and new wounds again;)

Jeremiah 17

Yes, the heart is a deceitful thing.
God has been working on mine, for mine for a while now. In the last few months however, I told Him, he could repair some damaged areas.
Just yesterday, I went to find Him. Papa (God) led me to an utterly horrid place that wreaked of urine. The floors of this room were stained with all kinds of waste, but somoeon was there scrubbing. Who would want to clean this wasted part of my life up I thought, and then He turned and looked up at me from his hands and knees...It was my love, Jesus. He showed me that the waste was cleaning off the floor and undeneath it all was a normal floor, and not destroyed. For a minute I wanted to help Him, but Papa wouldn't let me. I figured he could do a better job.
Today, I came into Papa's throne room and He invited me to go back to the construction site (my heart). I was surprised to see the "waste place" clean and shining-I guess I need to fill it with something, but not yet. Maybe Jesus wants to use it. Papa said we needed to move on to another area. I was not at all happy because I saw the direction He was going and I wanted to pull Him back...(To Be Continued.)

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  1. Thanks for sharing friend! This time brings back memories for me as well, as it was about this time that I met you. So fun times, that I miss so dearly.