Friday, November 9, 2012


This is what I need right now. After almost 2 months of my kids being sick, with maybe a week respite or so for either of them. I need my daughter to sleep, to heal, to stop coughing and sneezing...poor baby...
The sad part of all this is MY Pity Party...I was reading the other day about how this is part of my codependent nature. I want to be thankful and post something bright every day on Facebook, but I am not that outgoing or just want people to feel sorry for me...This is unquieting in my soul.
I need quiet. I need God to come in and make me BE STILL and KNOW~HE is GOD. I have to stop thinking about all the errands I could not run this week, all the chores at home let go, all the writing and shopping for some art supplies I want to do;) And BE QUIET.
Yes, my daughter is sleeping right now and I think it is time for me to get on my knees and be quieted by my Great Comforter.


  1. Hello. Great post.
    And remember... there are people who kill to care for a child... any child. There are people who wish they could walk. Be grateful for the now.. even in the mess and in the trenches. HE's here with you..

  2. I just know that in the quietness you found your strength!
    When I take just a moment, breathe in, connect with the Presence of God, it's amazing how calm my next moment is. Seeing those grace filled moments for you!