Monday, November 15, 2010

Papa (More from 1997)

Just a few days ago you showed me what goes in that waste place (in my heart)! That weeping prophet revealed it to me in the 33rd chapter of his book (Jeremiah). He said that you would fill the place with joy and gladness! Well, I don't know how you'll do it, but I believe you Papa! He said-you also told him you would fill the waste land with the voice of the bride and the bridegroom! Wow Papa-you will make it a beautiful place full of joyous inhabitants. Lord I am so excited that you can bring health to this broken heart.
The other day Papa showed me what He had done to that charred part of my heart-or what He started to do. The first thing I saw was that He had filled in the spray-painted heart. It was on that black wall and I guess it just looked empty, so He made it full! Wow! There were a few things in the room that had been salvaged and painted. I couldn't stay there too long. It was still too painful and Papa understood.

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